Six strang things about me

Julia tagged me to post six strange things about me.

1. When I was a child I stuttered.

2. I have been a loner since childhood.

3. I still struggle with my religious beliefs. Although I will talk about my beliefs, I don’t like to talk about my beliefs.

4. I get very upset when an animal or child is hurt.

5. When I was much younger, my peers feared me. So that I wouldn’t be picked on, I used to act tough so that people would leave me alone. I was very confrontational physically and verbally. I wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone.

6. I was first married when I was 17 years old and divorced when I was 21 years old. I had my first child when I was three months shy of my 20th birthday.

I have edited the “six strange things about me”. They are the same replies just not so detailed.

The rules for this tag are to tag six friends; ask them to read your blog; and display the rules for the tag. I tag:

Inger BJ, Lori, Becca, Sylvia, Randa and LisaI didn’t have to watch Nicky today as Carrie wasn’t feeling well and took a day sick leave. Tom also stayed home today because he said he wasn’t feeling well.

I got a lot of spam today in my shoutbox. I spent a good part of the day trying to solve the spam to my shoutbox by doing a lot of research. I really don’t want to password protect this site again.

To those of you with wordpress, how do you stop spam to your shoutboxes?

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