Toddling soon

We were spared the tornado, but Florida wasn’t so lucky. There were some fatalities. People were asleep when the tornado struck. Most of the deep South, here where I live, (I live 3 miles from the Florida border) there are no basements/cellars. We are to go to an interior room, closet, where there are no windows and hope for the best. I feel so bad for those people in Florida.

Nicky will be walking very soon. He stands behind his walker and walks with it. He wants to venture out with out support, but he keeps falling on his bum. He was making Tom and I laugh. He has been really good and happy all week.

Tom got tickets to the-phooey, patooey-”Monster Truck Rally”. It is on the 24th of this month. Brian is all excited. Me, I really could care less. But, to see something that Brian likes through his eyes makes the unpleasant outing for me worth my while.

I installed Internet Explorer 7 on Tom and my computer. I hope we don’t have any problems with it. So far, I like it very much.

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