Day 1 & 2 painting, etc

Yesterday, Tom and I started on the living room today getting it ready for paint. He vacuumed the whole ceiling. Boy was it dusty. *blush* A few years ago Tom made a beautiful shelf. We hung it in the living room, but we had to put metal, heavy duty anchors in the wall to hold it as the wall was hollow. When we took the shelf down I decided to take the anchors out so I could patch the hole just in case I wanted to put the shelf somewhere else. When I pulled out the anchor this is what happened to the wall-

hole in wall

More pictures of the before project-

before paint
before paint

Today I got the curtains down, washed some walls, patched the big hole, (I have to do that one in steps) the nail holes and masked the woodwork. Then I edged the ceiling with paint so Tom could come behind me and roll the rest of it. Whew! We are exhausted. Tomorrow I am going to sand the patched nail holes and work more on the big hole. Then I am going to start edging (cutting in) around the woodwork and the walls with paint. Tom is going to have to do some paint touch up to the spots he missed on the ceiling when he gets home from work. These freakin’ popcorn ceiling are terrible. They are hard to clean and paint.

For the wall paint color- We got really bold and picked a color that I thought we would never pick for fear of a big change. We have always had egg-shell white on the living room walls. I just hope that we don’t regret it after.

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