Day 5 & 6

I finished painting the wall yesterday-finally. I honestly don’t know if I like it. Today Tom and I layed down tile in the living room and he cut molding to finish off the room. Tomorrow he is going to stain the molding, let it dry and finish off the room.

The ugly floor before the tile and rug. That white stuff is spackling dust from sanding the walls. It was all over the place.

Before tile-Tile and the rug. This is the geometic rug we got for half price. The molding still needs to be added around the bottom. After-

livingroom nearly finished

I have taken a lot of things out of that room and I am not sure I want to put them back. If I keep is sparse it would be so much easier to clean. I have noticed that my taste in furnishings sure have changed. I used to have a lot of florals and and I leaned towards the feminine side. Now, I think I am more neutral. That makes Tom really happy. I ordered a comforter, shams and bed shirt today for our bedroom. I think for the first time ever, I didn’t order a floral one.

Things are just getting simplier and simplier as I get older. Bring on the “Simple Life!”

I will be around to visit tomorrow morning. I am just so tired right now.

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