I am finally…

…able to have some “me” time. I know it has been a while since I have posted and visited. I have been busy watching Nicky and Brian had 5 days off from school last week and just went back yesterday. Nicky is napping right now and I am doing laundry and had some time to post.

Over the weekend Tom and I tiled the computer room floor and Sunday I painted it. Monday we put it all back together. I have been so busy I could just scream. Hopefully, we are done in the house. Now we are going to move on to the yards. But, this Saturday is the Monster Jam truck rally. We are all (except Nicky) headed to Jacksonville to see the show. “Bring on ‘da funk, bring on ‘da noiz!” Ugh! Brian is all excited.

Years ago I had painted a rug pattern on the floor. It didn’t wear well over the years. It became one ugly floor after a while. It looked nice when I first did it.

Before the tiles-

before the tiles

This is what the floor looks like now. We took the couch out and gave it to Carrie. We were able to set up a table for Brian’s Tom’s computer. You can see the bottom of the mural I painted on the wall in here in 1995.

table for tom's computer

Mural I painted-

mural I painted

I painted the walls a light yellow but, in one of the pictures, it looks green. I guess I didn’t have my camera set right.

painted wall in computer room

My messy computer desk. My little corner of the house-

my computer desk

Thank you to all that have sent me St. Paddy’s day gifts. I will post them this evening.

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