Nature is so powerful,…

…so strong. Capturing its essence is not easy – your work becomes a dance with light and the weather. It takes you to a place within yourself. –Annie Leibovitz

Last night I held sentry. I was afraid to go to sleep with all of the wild, wicked weather that is and was going on here and in other parts of the country. If tornados were spotted, I had the TV tuned in to a local station so that we could be warned with the warning siren. I am sooooo tired today.

So many people were killed yesterday and during the early morning hours. Tornados are so unpredictable. I am still in shock about that high school in Alabama, the seven-year-old girl killed in Missouri and the bus that went over the over- pass in Atlanta also with students. What a terrible, terrible thing. So many young people died in the past two days.

 As I was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee this morning, contemplating the events of yesterday and earlier in the morning. I saw a light reflecting off the front door in the living room. I was wondering and got concerned about it, as I couldn’t figure out from where it was coming. I started to walk toward the door and I noticed that I was shadowing the reflective light. I turned to look behind me and saw through the kitchen window that it was coming from the sky. I got my camera and went out to take a picture. This site was so promising. It revealed to me that maybe today there would be promise that the worse of the storms were about to be over even though parts of the sky were still ominous.

early morning sky

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