Cynic or Critic?

Let’s see. What has happened in the last three days? Friday, I watched Nicky. We raked the ditch in the front of the house on Saturday. Today, I took a three-hour nap. I didn’t even cook supper. That is it. That is how I spent my last three days.

I am going to get a little critical here. Very little as I don’t like to discuss subjects that are sore on this blog. But some things are just getting under my skin.

I did read in the paper today about how much it would cost each presidential candidate to run for office. Some insiders think that each candidate will need to raise and spend a half a billion dollars. My question is: How is any candidate going to have compassion for the population that has little to nothing to live on when they don’t even blink at the mention of a half a billion dollars for one election? You will find the article here.

Well, we changed our clocks forward to have more daylight. I agree with this quote about daylight savings time taken from an article by Daniel Engber.

Later sunsets tend to get people out of the house more in the evenings, which could lead to an increase in driving (and gasoline use) and a reduction in the use of household appliances. And, if daylight time extended too far into the winter, more people would wake up before sunrise and turn on the lights.

Well, how convenient. Although I do like more daylight, a reduction in household appliances to me means spending money on eating out and shopping which in turn is exactly what big business wants us to do. In addition, when Halloween comes there will be an hour more of daylight, which will certainly make the candy companies happy.

I am so cynical lately about big business/government. This to me is the same.

I have a new poll up as of today.

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