Relief now! Please

Nicky’s skin biopsy came out negative. Thank God! But, he still breaks out with it every so often. Carrie is going to make an appointment with an allergist and get to the reason for these terrible rashes.

I have not been feeling well for the past 5 days. I don’t know if I have allergies or a full-blown cold. I only know that yellow pollen is everywhere around here. It gets all over the house. It is a constant dusting. It is so hard to keep up with it. As I said, it is everywhere. Outside looks like it snowed yellow. This type of pollen is from the pine trees that grow here called Longleaf Pine. I never was bothered with any type of allergies before until here. There is so many mold spores and pollen here that it is unbelievable. Well, enough of my whining for now.

I haven’t been doing any computing lately. I just feel like-you know what. I will be around to visit.

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