Nicky is home

nicky standingNicky is home from the hospital. He still has diarrhea and is tired out and not feeling very well. All he wants to do is sleep. The doctor said that he will probably have diarrhea for 5 more day and the reason for his lethargy is because of the diarrhea. He is holding his food and liquids down and is drinking plenty of fluids. Thank God that he isn’t vomiting any more. The vomiting is what caused his rapid dehydration.

Carrie is still not feeling well. She still has diarrhea and is sick to her stomach. But, they both have no fever. It has been rough going all around. I can not wait until this runs it course. It it is worrisome.

Brian started his Spring vacation. He still has reading homework to do during his time off. Since September he has read 67 books. On February 21st the teacher sent home a run off of the books that he had read. As of February 20th, Brian had read 47 books and passed all 47 reading tests. The teacher said that he is capable of reading more and wanted him to do so. I couldn’t believe that she said that. Well, since then he has been reading a book a night up until last week when he reads one every 2 days. The reason for that is that they are level 3 and up, meaning 3rd grade and up books with many pages, chapters and new words to learn.

It is going to be a long week here. I don’t think Brian is too happy about reading during his vacation. I say, “TOO BAD!” I can hear the words coming from Brian’s head, “Mean Grammy!”

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