Thermometer wielding Granny

Brian came home from school yesterday not feeling well. He was hot so I took his temp and it was over 101°. He showed symptoms of a cold and complained of his throat hurting. When I checked his throat he had white patches on it. Tom took him to the doctor’s today and he had a rapid strep test. They said he didn’t have strep but are treating him as if he did have strep. He is on antibiotic. His temperature today shot up to 104.8° and fluctuates between 101 and 104°. We just have to keep pushing the fluids and alternate between Tylenol and Motrin. Brian’s teacher said that she has four other students out with fever and vomiting. Something must be going around. I am glad that he is not vomiting and is still able to eat and drink.

That was and still is my day. Exciting, huh?

I have a new poll question.

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