Something just doesn’t feel right

WAYCROSS, GA (AP) — A fast-moving “monster” fire in southeastern Georgia has blackened 10,000 acres of forest, destroyed homes and was threatening the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refugee, a haven for alligators, bears and wading bird, officials said Tuesday

While New England is flooding, Southeast Georgia is on fire. We haven’t had any rain in quite some time. It has been very windy and cold here the past three days. Monday a tree was blown onto a live power line in Waycross, Georgia and started a forest fire. As of late it has spread into the surrounding counties and we are the next county in line. The smoke is so thick that it is leaving it hazy outside here. If it reaches any further east than where I am, we will be in the ocean as the fire is surrounding the area.

The news is flooded with that VT student shooting. What a senseless tragedy. There is so much going on around the country. Have you ever had a feeling that something just isn’t right, but you can’t put you finger on just what it is? I have a feeling that something is lurking and wants to strike out. I can’t explain and I don’t want you all to think that I have lost it-LOL

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