Wasting away in Hicksville

I have been sick since Tuesday night. I have a fever, chills, headache and cough. I couldn’t move from the couch in two days. I tried to do my blog and visited a couple of people, but I couldn’t keep my head up to continue. I am feeling a little better, but still not right. I am bored just lying around and when I lay down the back of my head feels like someone took a sledgehammer and whacked me with it.

I tried to make an appointment with my doctor today, they couldn’t take me today, and tomorrow they are closed. They said they could get me in Monday and if I couldn’t wait than maybe, I should seek medical attention elsewhere. They couldn’t prescribe anything for me over the phone, as I haven’t been to him since 2005. I tried to get in to see him last year when I had bronchitis, but they were booked up and I had to go to the clinic. This is his schedule-Monday thru Thursday 8:30 am, lunch at 12:00 to 2:00 and they close at 5:00. Then on Friday’s-8:30 to noon and then closed. What in the hell is going on with medical care. What is with their friggen’ independence? When you go this doctor the receptionist is enclosed with windows and you aren’t allowed to tap on the glass, you just have to stand there and wait until someone from the inside sees you. It is very impersonal. They aren’t many medical doctors here in “Hicksville” to choose from, but I am going to have to do something. So tomorrow, I am going to the walk in clinic even though I don’t want to.

The fires are still going on and there is no rain in site for the next seven days.

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