Happy “1st” Birthday Nicky

Today Nicky celebrates his first birthday. “Happy Birthday, little guy!” We will be celebrating his birthday here on Saturday. Today he had a small party but I was unable to go, as I am still not feeling well.

I am going to the clinic tomorrow, as my doctor is not in on Friday’s anymore. I mentioned this before, but I thought he was there for a half a day on Fridays. When the receptionist heard me over the phone she strongly recommended that I seek medical attention immediately (There is no immediately here. We only have one vehicle and I am stranded here everyday without transportation). She did make an appointment for this Monday to see the doctor. After I go to the clinic tomorrow, she wants me to bring in the paper work from the clinic. Tom took Brian to his appointment with his Ear, Nose and Throat doctor for a checkup after school today. He had a hearing test and they checked out his ear tubes. They also fitted him with some earplugs. Tom had to dish out $40.00 for Brian’s appointment today. Even though we have a good insurance, we still have out of pocket expenses. I am nervous just thinking how much it is going to cost me for medications tomorrow. There goes my day at the spa. Yeah, right! Like that would ever happen. We are just po’ working class people.

I haven’t had much energy and I seem to be falling asleep all over the place. I have planted my butt in the recliner for the past four days. I have been bored in between naps so I decided to do a little knitting. I am knitting a dishcloth. Those are easy enough to do without thinking too much. Wow! A whole dishcloth! Why would someone knit a dishcloth when they could buy one for a dollar or less? Boredom, that’s why.

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