Is it hot in here? Anyone?

Well, I went to the clinic yesterday. They took two sets of x-rays and they concluded that I have bronchitis. I thought that is what I had. I get it every year, but this is the worst I ever had. I am on Combivent-an aerosol inhaler, DyTan HC for the cough-an opiate/morphine added and Levaquin-an antibiotic. I sure do hope that these meds do the trick. I can’t seem to function and this cough is maddening.

During the day, I kept telling Tom that the ac doesn’t seem to be working. He kept telling me it was because it was hot out and he had the oven on. Dah and Yah! But it still isn’t working! For three hours, I kept telling him that the ac is not working. He kept telling me that it was. I was sweating and I just wanted to scream. This is in between me trying to breath. It was hot and muggy and breathing was proving more difficult for me. Finally, he said that he would change it later on this evening. I waited, and waited and waited. I finally said to him could you just change it now and then you won’t have to worry about it later. He was supposed to change the filter weeks ago and he just kept putting it off. When he finally took the old filter off it was filthy and the coils froze up. There was ice all off them. So, for 6 hours, we let the ac defrost into a container and at midnight he vacuumed off the unfrozen coils, put the new filter in and voilà-it worked. I KNOW WHEN THINGS AREN’T RIGHT! WHEN IS SOMEONE FINALLY GOING TO LISTEN TO ME! I am not just a card carrying, perimenopausal woman trying to rule the world. I just don’t want to sweat if I don’t have to. Oh, and being able to breath would be nice.

UPDATE: The fires here in Georgia are moving closer to us. There are a few fires here in the county where I love. The sky has darkened and there is a yellow aura as you look around outdoors. The smoke is blocking out the sun. The smells are just terrible. You would think that burning wood would smell better, but they are saying that it is because of the different types of vegetation that are buring. If anyone has a respiritory problem outside isn’t the place to be. These fires have been going on for twelve days and there isn’t a drop of rain in sight for the next seven day. It is so eerie.

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