It all came out in the wash

Tom took our garage refrigerator out to the driveway and bleached it inside and out. In the meantime, I did Brian’s laundry and threw his backpack in with his laundry. I did clean out his backpack. He had acorns, pieces of cement, twigs, cookie wrapers and a couple of pencils. Well like a fool, I failed to check his pants pocket. Yesterday, I gave him some kleenex to take with him to the zoo. We carefully folded them and placed them in his pocket. You guessed it. Kleenex all over the clean clothes. I had to take them outside and shake off what I could and let the dryer do the rest-in three batches.

While I was shaking out the clothes, it started to rain. It only rained for about twenty minutes. I was hoping we would get a downpour as we are in a drought. Tom had to drag the refrigerator back into the garage. He finished cleaning it and all the shelves and drawers and then took a nap. The smell of the rain hitting the mold that is outside was taken away my breath. Again, I was having a hard time breathing. It is so stinky. I hate that smell. The South is known for mold and more mold. It is awful.

I got the clothes dried and free of kleenex particles. I placed the backpack into the dryer for ten minutes to rid the kleenex particles. The timer went off. I took the backpack out of the dryer and a blue crayon rolled onto the floor. Yup! You may have guessed that the crayon melted and the dye went all over his backpack and inside of the dryer. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh! I cleaned out his backpack of the other junk and failed to see this one blue crayon. I had to sit down on the floor and get my head inside of the dryer with dry paper towels to get the dye off the drum. I slit my wrist somehow while doing it. Then I couldn’t get up off the floor and had to crawl to the door and hoist myself up on the step-up with one hand and hang on to the door jam with the other hand to get up. It was so pathetic.

Needless to say, it was one hell of a day for me, but not as bad as those poor people in Kansas when that tornado hit

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