Winter Woollys’ and comfort food

Tom is still not feeling well. He went to the doctor’s today and he put him on antibiotics. Nicky has an appointment with and Ear, nose and throat doctor on the 24th. Nicky has had a runny nose and congestion for over a month. His pediatrician doesn’t seemed concerned. It is a constant with wiping his nose to the point that the poor little guy’s nose get so irritated.

I made pasta sauce and meatballs today. I made enough to feed a family of twenty. I will freeze some and use some to make homemade pizza this weekend.

winter wooly casey2 I have been knitting and crocheting. I have one sock made for Tom and the second one is going slowly. I crocheted a little yesterday and came up with this little thingy. I am going to use this as a template for future ones that I make. I call them Winter Woollys’ Brian named this one Casey. I didn’t write down the instructions, but I think that I can do it again. They are pretty simple to make. They are kind of ugly, but will be fun to make and design with different embellishments.

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