Why am I so emotional lately?

Brian had to go to the doctor’s today because his glands were swollen and the other day he had a fever. He is on antibiotics and we are waiting for his throat culture to come back to see if he has strep throat. This is too much with all the illness we all have encountered this season.

I have been very busy with the boys. haven’t had any time to post or visit. I did work on some crocheting and knitting in between Nicky’s naps.

I also took more pictures of Grampy feeding Nicky a cupcake and Brian feeding Nicky his lunch. Brian wanted to feed him and I was reluctent, but to my surprise he did a very good job of feeding him. It wasn’t that long ago that Brian was eating in the same booster seat.


Baby Brian

Now, it is Brian who is on the other side of the booster. It brings tears to my eyes. I am really emotional. I wish I wasn’t so emotional.

yum cupcake

frosting face

brian feeding nicky

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