Two with tubes

Nicky had his appointment with the ENT (ear, nose and throat doctor) yesterday. The doctor found out that his ears are full of fluid. That was the reason for Nicky’s nose to continuous have mucus in it and his eyes to water. Well, on June 13th Nicky is going to have tubes put into his ears. The doctor also discovered that his adenoids are huge. He will have to have them taken out eventually, but right now, he is too little. The doctor’s that Nicky was seeing refused to give him antibiotics. The ENT doctor told Carrie that the fluids in his ears are just puddles of bacteria. Hopefully, this will straighten out the poor little guy.

ugly cake

This is “The Ugly Cake” I made for Brian’s last day of school. It came out so horrendous that I am ashamed of it and had a nerve take a picture of it. I don’t have the cake decorating equipment that I use to have. THAT IS MY STORY AND I AM STICKING TO IT!”-LOL I didn’t know if I wanted to make balloons or flowers and ended up making balloon-flowers. Regardless, Brian liked it. I also made mini cupcakes for Nicky.

 mini cupcakes

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