No Knead Bread-Part 2

The NO KNEAD BREAD came out really well. The only thing with it was that it was maybe a little to browned for me. Next time I will omit the extra 15 minutes they suggested and take it out after the first 30 minutes. I used my cast iron dutch oven and if you ever cooked with cast iron cookware you know just how much heat one can retain.

Here is what it looks like-

no knead1

no knead2
no knead3no knead4I thought of all kinds of ways to eat it-dip in olive oil, make a bread salad, eat with hearty soups, make Italian croutons for soups, cut in half and use Italian sandwich oil and add salami, provolone and veggies…I just love bread. I know, I know. It is so fattening.

I also started a knitted lace shawl and ripped it out twice. I am so frustrated that I think I am going to forget about it for now. Nicky will be here tomorrow and there is no way I will be able to work on knitted lace and follow the directions.

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