Poof! All gone

I deleted my “What’s the Buzz?” blog a little while ago. I didn’t want another payment going to the credit card. Now, I feel like I want to cry. Oh, well. I will get over it.

9 thoughts on “Poof! All gone

  1. I cry with you sis. Sorry, but I know you’ll be ok. This truly is really nice and pretty. You’ll be fine and at least you are still here with us. What does it mean to frog an item you’re crocheting. I fine that I have that problem is getting the shawl wide enough before it gets to long. Did you see my shawls. they were in the post for tuesday the 10th. Sending you so much love and ~hugs~ Thanks for the support!


  2. It looks so pretty here. I am fond of white backgrounds as they show off the pretty colors of your pictures. Talk to you later as I am trying to get back on my feet after my little trip. Much love, Julia


  3. Dear Liz
    Most of all I am happy you found a blog site for free so you still will be here.
    I am sorry with all your difficults, I know how it is and I am so happy we do better now.
    Thinking a lot of you and keep you in my thoughts.
    Hugs from Inger


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