Around and around she goes…

I helped Carrie update her resume. There are trades apprenticeship openings at the shipyard back home. She wants to relocate back to New Hampshire. She was sixteen when she moved here with us.

My sister also put in here resume as she wants to get back on the navy yard, but this time as an trades apprentice. She was a physical science technician until she left to raise her daughter. She could go back as a physical science technician, but the problem with that, for her, is that she would have to be away from home for months at a time.

I have been thinking of putting in my resume, but I am not sure if I can do 4 years of schooling and climbing around inside of boats (submarines). Besides, if you get picked you have to take a test so they can place you and the test is in August at the shipyard back home.

I, before I moved here, was a marine machinist helper and could put my resume in and transfer back home, but as I said I am not in any condition to climb around submarines and work on valves. Those thing are quite tiny inside and not much room to work in. In a couple of months I am going to be 53 years old for goodness sakes. Can I climb up and down those ladders again carry equipment and tools? Can I squeeze between valves to work on one. I can barely walk from one room to the next. What do I do? Leave Tom and Brian here! Oh, man. I am in such a dilema. Tom can’t transfer to the shipyard (back home) as there aren’t any opening for him there. He talked to HRO in Portsmouth the other day about opening in his field and there isn’t any.

I really need to get a job. I was looking over my resume today. It is so out of date. Carrie and I were laughing at some of the stuff in there. Things like business machines, typewriters, Zenith Data System…it was a riot.

Eh, I’ll figure something out. Hopefully

2 thoughts on “Around and around she goes…

  1. Hi Liz I read much of your posts they are very interesting little tid bits into your life. I know you are going through a difficult time and I pray you will find what you need soon. Big hugs


  2. Hi Liz: I was going to ask if there was a chance you could come back here. That would be your dream! Have a good Sunday and try for some peace. (-: HUGS


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