“Wheyah innah hellah my glasses!”

In the refrigerator-that’s where, you idiot!

Am I getting so absent minded that I would leave my glasses in the refrigerator, (yes, I did) and why would I take them off and lay them in there in the first place (I don’t have a clue). I am totally baffled. I guess I am going to have to use a chain so when I take them off they will be at my perky bosom.

There you go! Add that look to the already grammy bunned, gray haired, flip-flopping, stretch panted, fashion icon that I am. “Woo, woo!” Be still my beating heart!

9 thoughts on ““Wheyah innah hellah my glasses!”

  1. Hi Liz, I saw your tag on Connie’s. I didn’t know you closed your other site, and opened this. You didn’t let me know. Glad I found you, I hope you aren’t mad at me?? This site looks great.


  2. Good Morning, Liz: LOL at your glasses. I’ve done silly things like that a hundred times. Not with my glasses though–those are always on my face since I can’t see anything without them! Have a great day. HUGS


  3. Hi Liz, I found my way here! I had to laugh at your post, don’t feel bad about the glasses in the fridge I’ve done similar with other things. My hubby can never find his glasses. Have a nice Monday. *hugs*


  4. Hi, Liz..
    I’m glad you didn’t close up shop completely!
    Of course I’ll come visit you at your new place.

    Wishing you a Blessed evening..
    lots of encouragement in the new week ahead!



  5. Oh, you got me laughing with this one. Why is the refrigerator a brain freeze magnet? I’ve caught myself putting just about everything in there but my glasses, and that’s just because I’m blind as a bat and couldn’t find the door without them. Great writing, really, Liz. Have a good nite!


  6. Hi Liz,

    Oh how this reminds me of my sweet mom… When she lost her hairbrush(or something not edible, it was ages ago) and after looking for a while, she discovered it…
    In the freezer. I have actually done the “where the heck are my sunglasses?? Oh they are on my head!” routine so I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Have a “adjective of your choice” Monday.


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