Just being plain lazy


I did absolutely nothing today.  I didn’t have Nicky today and I just didn’t feel like doing anything.  All I did was play on the computer and I am still here playing on the computer.  Actually, I feel kind of guilty, but I just can’t gear myself up to be productive around here.  I haven’t even felt like taking pictures which is something that like to do.  Oh, well.  tomorrow is a new day or-

“Let’s forget about domani
Let’s forget about domani
Let’s forget about domani for domani never comes…”

8 thoughts on “Just being plain lazy

  1. Hi Sis, most days I don’t like my life either and I feel so blah. I wish we could get better, the both of us. I bought these two big containers to start cleaning out my computer room. No progress at all. It’s all so overwhelming at times and I just don’t know where to start. Thinking of you a lot and wish you were closer. Love and ~hugs~


  2. I love Maxine, but this is the greatest. I saw Paul Deen on some interview show last night, saying she graduated in 1965. Hey, she’s only one year ahead of me, and I thought she was an “older” lady. Hope you feel better soon. I have said before you just give and give and need to take care of yourself, too. Hope today is a good one. Love, Julia


  3. Hi dear Liz..I found this adress on inger in norways site…didn´t knew about your new site. So, it was a long time not hearing from me, Iwas in the hospital 4 weeks..get a new hip on the right site, going with my crutchers…learing to walk again…get better day for day..
    missing your nice pictures, look at mine on my site…our little grandson Niklas is 10 mounths now..little quickly nice cute boy…have a nice new day…hugz from inger in germany


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