Sock it to me

I have been surfing crochet/knit blogs and I see so many cute things to crochet that now I am overwhelmed with things I want to crochet/knit. That is what happens when there are so many choices.


I have been using some sock yarn that I had. I just don’t feel like making socks so I started this narrow scarf. I was playing around with different stitches one night and decided to make a scarf just to have something to keep my and my hands busy.

scarf and tote

The little tote in the picture is one of the things my sister brought me from back home. I adore those L and L Bean totes. This one is just small enough to carry around small projects.

The scarf is so lame. It looks like something a 10 year old would do. But, hey!  By doing it, it’s keeping me off the streets at night.

2 thoughts on “Sock it to me

  1. Hi Sis, interesting project. I understand exactly what you are saying. Did you find that shawl pattern? I hope so. The previous post about your dream. I am sure I know the meaning too. If I were there I would be looking at you directly! Your so worthwhile to me! Love you! ~hugs~


  2. This is a precious scarf, and the pattern looks rather intricate to me. I love the little tote! I know you will cherish it because of its source. It seems I have come down with Shingles, a naughty little ailment that attacks the nerves.


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