I have started an Amineko (crocheted cat).  Since I can’t find the time to figure it out with two little ones around,  I found a site where the person wrote down the directions-Ramblings in a Little Black Dress-using the diagram as a guide. 

I got my inspiration from Patti Haskins and Bittersweet where she has so many cute little crocheted things over there. 

Again, I am using some yarn I had leftover for the Amineko.  Hopefully, soon, I will be able to buy some yarn and a couple of patterns that I really want. 

I got bored with that stupid scarf and eventually I will finish it. 

I watched Nicky today and he was really good.  I have to watch him another nine days in a row.  It doesn’t look like I am going to get very much done in that time. 

5 thoughts on “Amineko

  1. Hi Liz, You have such a huge talent for this. It all looks like gibberish to me!

    I’m sure Nicky will wear you out in the next few days. You are such a great Grandma but remember to take time for you too– it’s important to re-charge the batteries. 🙂



  2. Oh, the crocheted kitty looks wonderful. You are really moving into advanced patterns, aren’t you? Nine days! I hope you’re prepped for sainthood, dear. I am confined to the house with the Shingles thing, but hope to turn that corner soon as I feel the medicine is starting to take a little effect. Have a good rest of the week! Hugs, Julia


  3. Hi Liz, I really love that cat that was on the first link and she had the three kitties, just darling. I used to crochet back in the day when the kid were very young. I still do it once in awhile . I wish I had time to make those darling kitties! I hope you get some time and the money to get your yarn and patterns. big hugs


  4. Hi Liz! Wow, the pattern looks difficult to follow for the Amineko, is the site you found, easier to follow? Can’t wait to see your progess on it! I love the yarn you are using for the scarf!! Just my style!! I love knitting, and I am starting to itch to crochet something, I might try some little crocheted toys for my sister’s new expected baby, and for my little niece Fae. Lots of hugs my dear friend!!


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