All MeOwST finished


Last night, after my post, I finished all the parts to the Amineko (crocheted cat). I was excited to work on it today. I had Nicky for 13+ hours today and worked on it while he napped. Today he was pretty rambunctious. After he left I started to sew it together but I was loosing the light of day and it is so hard for me to see with the lighting here. I still have the eyes, nose and mouth to add, plus sewing on the ears, arms, legs and tail. Gee, I guess I have a lot more to do. Crocheting was the fast part. Putting it all together is the tedious part.


This is how far I got a little while ago. I had a hard time with the muzzle trying to follow that diagram. I came up with a muzzle and made the ears bigger than what was intended. I am not too keen on the colors for this cat, and hope to make another one with brighter colors.

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