Change purse

change purse start

I didn’t put together my aminkeo today.  I noted that I had some thin jute and got the idea to make a change purse.  I started about 8:00 this morning and worked on it while Nicky took his nap and finished it after I fed him his lunch.

change purse fin

I have seen some little change purses around that uses regular yarn and have seen many purses, etc. made from jute and just thought that jute isn’t gaudy looking as yarn.

change purse1

The pattern used is on the “Patterns” page soon.

change purse 4

I have some antique buttons just waiting to be used.  This button looked the best with the little purse.

change urse2

Tomorrow I hope to finish the amineko while Nicky naps.

2 thoughts on “Change purse

  1. Oh Liz, you could sell these! The button really makes it. It has such a wonderful classy but casual look that women are looking for now.

    I hope you have a wonderful Friday.



  2. Good Morning, Liz: I LOVE that purse. I saw some similar in some of the expensive gift shops in New Brunswick. One set had three in graduating sizes that went inside each other. They were a fortune. I think they were made of cotton crochet threads. That is precious. And I love the button. Have a great day. HUGS


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