Waiting patiently

While waiting for my yarn to come in, I started this doily last night.  It isn’t a very large doily and I don’t use doilies any more as they are a pain to starch and block after washing them.  When I dust I don’t want anything in my way.  I used to have doilies all around the house that I made and wised up to the fact that I would rather do other thing save dusting and doting on the small stuff.  I think I have them stored up in the attic. But, I have this need to crochet.  So here it is.  The start of a doily that I will probably never use. 

Tulip doily

Tulip doily

6 thoughts on “Waiting patiently

  1. Hi hon,

    I can’t believe that Brian is going back to school already. The kids here don’t go back to around September 5th. The doilie is simply beautiful. You are such a talented crocheter.(oh geez, is that a word?) I really mean that, I am not blowing suchshine.. lol. Have a wonderful weekend. Lots of Love…


  2. Hi Sis, I have tons of dollies too. I like to give them as presents and find that someone will put out one as compared to a number of them. Being a gift makes it more special too. lol.. I wash and block, but don’t starch them. I don’t like that feel. I know that feeling the need and my purple shawl I frogged and am enjoying the pattern I’m doing now with it. It’s going faster too and hopefully soon will be able to do the fringe. Sending lots of love and ~hugs~


  3. I forgot to mention. Everyone fried turkeys in Jackman, so we bought a frier. I hated the turkey! It was so done, the bones were crisp. We threw it out and have never done it since. The oil is expensive, too! LOL HUGS


  4. Hi Liz I use lace dolies and some heart ones I sewed under lamps. I love them!! I love the ones you made they look like the ones my grandma made she also did something called tatting. I’m not sure how that is spelled. I have them in a box in my closet I will keep forever. Have a wonderful day sweetie. big hugs


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