Back to school and off the spool

1st day school 8-1-2007

It is hard to believe that Brian went back to school yesterday.  It was a very short summer here for us. I was feeling a little lonely without him being here.  I didn’t have Nicky yesterday therefore; I kept myself busy by pottering around the house. 

I finished the “tulip” doily and this morning I blocked it.  I didn’t have any starch so I made some with cornstarch and water.  It takes so long to block doilies.  That is probably another reason why I don’t use them anymore. 

The plastic wrap under the blocked doily kept reflecting the light from the flash and I couldn’t get the picture I wanted to get.  After all the pins are out and the plastic is off, then I will be able to get a picture without the glare.

tulip doily tulip doily

6 thoughts on “Back to school and off the spool

  1. Hi Liz, oh I love the doilies! You are such a fast crocheter! I am amazed! I still can’t believe Brian is back to school already! Does he get out earlier at the end of the school year? My laptop is still in with the Firedog repair at Circuit City, so I can’t update my site still! Ugh. Have a wonderful Sunday, hugs!!


  2. Hi Liz! Brian does look like he has grown a lot! Our schools don’t start until the 27th…that is late for us but they passed a law here in Texas that no one can go back before the 27th. Your doily is so pretty. Have a wonderful Friday my friend. ((BIG HUGS))


  3. Hi Liz, Brian looks as if he’s grown so much this summer- boys will do that, won’t they? 😉 Your doily came out wonderfully- you really do have such a talent!

    Hope your Friday is a good one.



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