More dust collectors

Freida the ferret Carrie and Nicky are headed for New Hampshire. They will be leaving this evening. I am watching her ferret, Freida. Freida is a cute little thing and so playful. Carrie will be taking her apprentice test this Saturday and looking around New Hampshire for employment. I hope she gets what she wants in life, but living 1,200+ miles apart from each other is going to be sad. Hopefully, Tom, Brian and I won’t be too far behind her. I pray she and Nicky makes it safely to and from NH.

Last night I made this pear from one of the pattern books that I had. I modified the pattern a bit.


and Sunday night I made these little “peas in a pod” without a pattern. I have seen some around the blogospheres and decided to make some on my own. I really should get away from making all of these toys and geegaws and start making apparel. But, the grandsons like them and they are fun to make.

peas in pod

Brian liked the cat I made so much, that I am making another one for Nicky.

Nicolas Nickelby

9 thoughts on “More dust collectors

  1. Hi Liz, keeping Carrie and Nicky in prayer, as well as you and hubby. I pray the Lord blesses you all in your heart desires. I love the pear, and the peas in the pod! You do have such a talent!! Have a lovely thursday! Hugs!


  2. HI Liz I will be praying for Carrie and Nickie. I sure hope she gets what she wants too and life is fun at her age so you know it’s fun to try new things. Change can be good, it has been for me many times.
    I will pray the Lord watch over them both. I pray also the Lord will bring your family what is right for you at this time also. I love that kitty so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love it, I love it, I love it.
    I would want to make a brown and grey one though but I like the different colored cat it’s adorable. Love that pattern! Have a wonderful Wed evening sweetie. big hugs


  3. Hi, Liz. That pear is just gorgeous. That would be beautiful at Christmas, too! I didn’t realize Carrie might move but hope it all ends up with your whole family being closer together. It really is so difficult being separated from your children. The ferret is too cute! I don’t kniow if I’d want to handle it, but I guess you get accusomed! I really do hope your dreams come true, Liz!


  4. I’ve known some mean ferrets so I’m glad Freida is a personable one. Best of luck to Carrie and Nicky on their trip and her test. What a big step!

    I love the peas in a pod. You could open a store, I tell you! 🙂


  5. Hi Liz
    Try to post here again.
    Hope it all will be well for Carrie and that your dreams of moving back home will become truth.
    I have not started chrocketing. I use to have a lot of jarn and crochet hooks but all is gone so I have to buy something. Think I have to wait for colder weather.
    I have so many plans but I am just sitting here… playing Mahjong Titans *|o|*
    Take care


  6. I love the special items you’ve made so not just your boys like them. lol. I’m very busy with the shawls and am loving it. It’s such a blessing to work on them, know someone will recieve them and hopefully receive peace and comfort. Love ya Sis. I know you will be trying to find a way to move back home and I pray for it for you. Though even farther from me praise God for these precious machines to keep us in each other lives and in touch. Love and ~hugs~


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