New Hampshire is calling

Carrie and Nicky made it safely back to New Hampshire and Maine.  She was so happy to be back home.  Today they went to York Beach, Maine and have many plans to eat the local foods and visit places that were happier times for us all. I am so happy they made it safely and I want to thank all that have kept them in prayer on their journey.  Last night she visited my sister and stayed at my stepmother’s (just another tidbit that I am slowly letting out).

I have been crocheting and I am almost finished with the second crocheted cat.  All I have left is to sew one ear and the tail to the body.  I was having a hard time seeing today so I had to put it up.  I would have been finished if I wasn’t getting so frustrated because I couldn’t see the stitches to sew. 

Little Frieda is good and each day Tom, Brian and I take turns and take her out of her cage to play with her.  I feel bad that she is caged, but I am afraid that she will get lost if I let her roam freely.  My cat, Shadow is acting all aloof and every once in a while he will go over to the cage and look inside. 

7 thoughts on “New Hampshire is calling

  1. I’m glad they made it safely!
    You’ve almost finished another cat? You are so awesome… I am having a heck of a time motivating myself to work on my projects. I get frustrated, and rip them all out… I need to quit that and just let it happen.

    Hope you are having a good weekend!


  2. I am so glad to hear she made the long trip safely. That is quite a drive! I hope Nicky is good in the car. 🙂

    I bet Shadow would love to meet Freida! LOL

    Hope you are having a good weekend.



  3. Hi Liz, what a cute little knitterings things..just love them must look at my friends Ala and Ela blogsite..there you also find just cute such little find the url on my blogsite.
    My leg is better day for day..but I have such a pain in my arms..comes from going with the crutchers?
    have a nice august my friend..hugz inger


  4. wow another cat it so short time, you are the best.
    I am so happy the journey went well for Nicky and Carrie. I know you want to go after her…
    I don’t think I like Frieda *|o|* but she is cute to look at on the photo 😉
    Love and hugs


  5. Hi Liz, I love all the little projects you made, the pear is a pretty color. Glad to hear Nicky and Carrie made it to NH and ME safely. Little Frieda is sooooooooooooo cute. Have a nice Friday. *hugs*


  6. Glad to hear Nicky and Carrie may it back ok. Any news yet on her test and what will happen? You have my prayers. I’m making a second shawl that is coming along. It’s for Em and then I have several I know could use a prayer shawl. So will be making them in the near future. You are so fast sis to have a second cat almost done! I’m spending a lot of time working on mine, but just not that speedy I guess. lol. Love you! ~hugs~


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