More hookin’

Tom was home Friday and both Tom and Brian home this weekend. I didn’t get any computer time. Carrie and Nicky are on their way back from NH and Maine. I am worried a little about the long trip. She said the test went ok. My sister said that it was easy. Of course my sister is a wiz with algebra, geometry, trig, etc. Carrie said that she froze-up a little when it came to the math.

I have been able to sit at night and crochet. I am almost finished with a purse that I designed. Here is a rough sketch of it. I wasn’t sure which one to make.

purse pattern

and here are pictures of the one that I made from beginning to almost the end. The base of the purse’s color is more of a maroon. But, it is purple like the purse. The lightning was bad.



crochet purse

I am not sure about the handles. I am still deciding on these or some crocheted ones. All I have left are the handle and the magnetic closure.

One the cat-I still have the muzzle to sew on and the face. I worked on that this morning after reading the paper, sitting by a window so I could see.

crochet cat

3 thoughts on “More hookin’

  1. Happy Monday Liz;

    As always, you did a fantastic job on the purse. I like the handles. They won’t stretch with wear as the crochet ones will. Do you line the inside too??

    Have a wonderful beginning of the week my friend. ~Hugs~ 🙂


  2. Hi Liz: I love the purse. Do you buy the handles? My mother had a flat clutch in navy crochet. She used to whack the geese that would chase her with it! LOL Have a great day. Hope there’s good news from the interviews. HUGS


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