Would you if you could?

While I live in a 925 sq.ft. house I was reading this article in the newspaper yesterday. It made me angry. Angry, because people like these, the mega-rich, don’t think that any concerns for the environment or the poor pertains to them. They think that the little people should worry about excess, global warming, homelessness, hunger, the environment…

Just click on and read the article, Conn. home 20-times larger than average, and tell me what you think. Maybe I shouldn’t be angry, I should be happy that these people have the means to live in excess.

6 thoughts on “Would you if you could?

  1. Hi Liz, you’re right it is excessive, I was wondering as I walked by the houses we saw why was it that people needed such elaborate homes, and who would clean the windows? As long as there are people buying these homes people will build them. *hugs*


  2. I understand so well your anger. The people who have a lot want more and can get more because they have the money. I think all country have this problem, it is growing here in Norway too.
    The rich people are getting richer, the poor more poor. And so is the whole world 😦
    I don’t want a big house, I want to live in sobriety, not let money steer my life.
    To much or to little – that steers your life, I have tried both.
    Take care sis


  3. I have a problem with excess and the need that so many people feel for conspicuous consumption just to flash their money around. I have a comfortable home, but not excessive. I know that I have a good life and try to keep that in perspective by giving to help those less fortunate. We regularly donate to a women’s shelter designed to get women back on their feet after leaving an abusive relationship. I’ think keeping perspective and balance is so important.


  4. Hi Sis, I have a pretty large house and I hate it. Would love to redesign and make it just as I would like for it to be. Course I would miss the room we have, but it’s just to much to upkeep. I don’t blame you one bit for not being happy with people who have no concern for the plight of others and just do as they please. It’s hard to be content with things when society keeps throwing up things in your face that you know you would like to have. Sorry Nicky couldn’t make Grampys birthday, but he looks quite happy with Brian and a great job on decorating the cake! lol.. I can tell they had fun. Love ya! ~hugs~


  5. ~I would just like to know why. Besides “Because I have the money and I can.” Whatever could you do with all of that space, the upkeep alone. Sheesh. It’s craziness!


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