I just couldn’t handle it until today

carrie purse I finally finished sewing on the handles for the purse I made for Carrie.  I have no problem making an item, it is when I have to put it together, and weave in ends that I find I loose interest.  I really should have written down the instructions when I made the first one as I had a heck of a time remembering how I made the bottom on the other purse.  I did finally get it.  I still haven’t written down the instructions. I am just too tired and lazy.

I started a sweater/cardigan for Brian, but I am ripping out the band as I don’t have enough of the color that I need.  Boy, that is frustrating.  I also want to make a sweater for Nicky. 

6 thoughts on “I just couldn’t handle it until today

  1. Hi Liz: I love that purse. you do such lovely work. I hope today is great for you. It’s a chilly Maine morning here, but will be nice later. I got some great Maine potatoes at a farmer’s market yestday. Yum! Hugs


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