A fur ball with a face


Cats never strike a pose that isn’t photogenic.~Lilian Jackson Braun

7 thoughts on “A fur ball with a face

  1. Hi Sis, well yep it’s me. I’m still not up to par yet, but felt good enough to sit here for awhile to post and visit. I am way behind. I’ve caught up on your posts and love this picture of the cat. P.L. will never stay still for me to take a picture unless it’s in the same spot as always. I guess doxies are not photogenic. lol… I have kept Preston this week, but luckily he was good and didn’t require a lot of running after. I am so tired of feeling sick and hurting. Like you I pace this house at times for lack of anything worthwhile to do. I am crocheting, but it’s slow and I might do a few stitches and then put it down. Just am losing all interest in everything. I miss having a life, for this certainly isn’t one. Wish you were closer, sure could use a good friend to visit and talk to. Love you! ~hugs~


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