Pollo alla Firènze

pollo_alla_firenzePollo alla Firènze meaning “Florence style chicken”  And boy, does it look messy. I could have, at least, cleaned up the plate before I took a picture of it.

This is what I made for me for supper this evening.  Brian and Tom don’t-groan-liiiiiiiiiiiike it.  I made a small side of pasta and sauce to go with it.  This is the kind of foods that I like.  T and B are more basic.  I love veggies and if I can incorporate them into a recipe I am a very happy person.  Tom and Brian had fish (haddock) sandwiches and clam chowder for supper-a taste of New England.  While I had a taste of Italy.

This recipe has a stuffing of grated carrots, spinach, garlic, mushrooms, onions and dry sherry.  The stuffing is sautéed in a pan with olive oil.  The chicken breasts are marinated in 2 cups of Sherry for a couple of hours. Then the breasts are sliced/pocketed, stuffed with the stuffing, and secured with a toothpick.  Then the stuffed breasts are dipped into a prepared Italian dressing then coated with Italian seasoned breadcrumb with grated Romano cheese.  Then baked into an oven.  This was so good that I am only sorry that B and T won’t eat it.   

Recipe posted here.

5 thoughts on “Pollo alla Firènze

  1. Hi Sis, got to watching America’s next top model marathon and lost track of time, so am out surfin late. lol… The meal looks good. I wish I enjoyed cooking, but I don’t. The simpler the better I say. I fixed tuna fish salad for sandwiches. I am happy just to open a can of soup most nights. I had the box pasta in herb sauce I made last night with angel hair pasta and it was soooo goood! lol.. I never learned to cook so guess that is why I don’t care to. Most of the time I just fix me some toast and I’m happy. Very good for me, huh? lol.. Love ya Sis, hope your week-end is going well. How is Brian feeling? Better I hope.


  2. It sounds absolutely delish!!!
    Thanx for the recipe!! I will have to make this one night. I love Italian!! My kids and hubby most likely wouldn’t go for it though. Now that I think about it, they wouldn’t go for the clam chowder either, lol! The picky lot!


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