Rolling in dough


Sometimes I loose interest in posting.  Mainly because I don’t have anything interesting to say. 

Nicky and Carrie came over the other day.  Carrie has an interview for a job in Portsmouth NH on October 11.  This isn’t the interview from the apprentice program, this is for something else.  She will be heading to New England again on October 9 for the interview on the 11th and while she is there, she is going to scope for more jobs and look for places to live.  Hopefully, for her, she will hear about the apprentice program in the meantime.

The other day I made an apple pie.  I must confess that I don’t have the best of luck when it comes to making pie dough.  I had all of my apples peeled, sliced, spiced, and sweetened.  I took the homemade pie dough out of the refrigerator that I had made earlier and struggled with it.  I think, I know that I put too much shortening with the flour as it kept sticking to the rolling pin and the surface.  I tried rolling the dough in between plastic, waxed paper, and parchment paper.  I knew that if I kept fooling with it and adding flour to it that it would be too tough after it was cooked. I was getting so frustrated that I tossed the half that I was rolling into the trash. 

I guess Carrie felt bad for me.  She went to the store and bought me a pre-rolled crust.  With the dough that I was struggling with, I made two small apple tarts.  I was able to press the remaining dough into the tart pans.  Those tarts came out so flaky and delicious. 

Although I was disappointed that I didn’t make the piecrust from scratch, it did taste good.

semi-homemade apple pie

4 thoughts on “Rolling in dough

  1. Hi Liz: Oh, I hope all works out for Carrie. I can NOT make a pie crust for anything. I use my rolling pin for crushing dried herbs! I’ve tried every method out there, but it never works!
    Have a great day. HUGS


  2. I hope Carrie’s interview goes well.
    I know you’ll all be relieved for her to get the job.

    Nicky sure is cute! I like those brown eyes!

    The pie looks great.. so is that the one with your crust
    or the premade? Either way.. I’d take a slice!!!!

    Hugs to you, Liz.

    Have a great weekend,
    Becca 🙂


  3. Nicky is getting so big! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Carrie and good news. Your pie looks delicious. I love to cook and bake but pie crust is the one thing I don’t like to do. I guess that’s why I make cobbler instead. 😉


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