Dal cuore/From the heart

Tomorrow I will be making the homemade ravioli.  Today I made a bolognese/ragu sauce to have it all ready for the ravioli. 


I also made the pumpkin bundt cake that Connie had posted.  It was delicious.  I didn’t add raisin, as my family isn’t a big fan of them in baked goods, I only added “mini” semisweet chocolate chips like the recipe calls for.  I did powder sugar the top, but didn’t upload any pics of it.  I thought it was beautiful just as is.  Connie, thank you for the recipe.

pump_bundt3 pump_bundt4

Brian with my ovenmitts. 

ovenmitt_boy2 ovenmitt_boy1

Last and the very least.  I don’t recommend this Tuscan Orange, Grapefruit beer. I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to try it. 


5 thoughts on “Dal cuore/From the heart

  1. Happy Sunday Liz;

    Oh boy!! Now I’m a little sad that I’m not visiting you and missing out on your ravioli and bolognese sauce. I could almost taste it from here. At least save me a piece of the pumpkin cake…. 🙂 Brian is adorable!! And I’ll skip the Tuscan orange grapefruit beer. I’ll have coffee with the cake. LOL!! Have a blessed Sunday my friend. ~Hugs~


  2. Brian is really hamming it up with your oven mitts. 🙂
    The pumpkin cake looks absolutely delicious. I’ll going to have to give it a try as Ian adores pumpkin.

    Hope your weekend is going great.



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