I had a lot of help today making ravioli.  Everyone wanted to get their turn with the pasta machine.  We made sausage stuffing with half and ricotta cheese stuffing with the other half.

pastaflour pasta_machine

I have the ravioli attachment, but I would rather do it by hand.  I never had luck with using the attachment.  I always make a mess with the filling. 

sausage_ravioli cheese_ravioli

3 thoughts on “Ravioli

  1. That looks scrumptious! You need to move, be my neighbor and occasionally, (more than occasionally) send over dinner! OK, That is a little forward of me…..but PLEASe!LOL!!!


  2. Hi Liz: Your ravioli look fantastic. Oh, how I’d love some! I’m so glad to hear you say no breading for eggplant. I dip mine in eggs and flour and saute until golden and then put together. That’s the way my favorite Italian restaurant does them. The one’s I had were a mass of crumbs and too much cheese and could barely find the eggplant and it wasn’t crisp at all. Have a great day. HUGS


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