Our fine-feathered friend

bird The other night Tom noticed a little bird on the ceiling of our stoop.  It had its little face nestled into the corner.  It was raining out and we thought that maybe it was seeking shelter from the rain.  After it stopped raining, it had left and we thought we would never see it again.  But, every night for a week the little bird has returned and perches in the same place each time.  Last night, I got my camera, climbed up on the bench, and when he turned its little head, I was able to get this picture.  Right before I posted I check out on the stoop and it’s there again.

I am not sure of the breed, but I think it maybe a thrush or a sparrow-a juvenile.  I am just not sure.  Can anyone tell me which type of bird this is?  This little one is showing down, which makes me believe that it is a juvenile.  It is so cute and I hope this little one stays safe.  

I didn’t get to work on any crocheting today as I watched Nicky. 

7 thoughts on “Our fine-feathered friend

  1. Hi Liz, oh the bird is precious! Looks like a baby wren, but I am not expert in birding. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. I am at my sister’s helping with the new baby. I just mopped the kitchen, vacuumed the downstairs, got meatballs cooking, as well as a meatloaf and Italian potatoes. Smells good in here! Hugs!


  2. Hi Liz, hope you are having a good week-end. It’s so humid here and looked like rain most of the day. Sun is out in the west now. Sending lots of love and ~hugs~


  3. Happy Saturday Liz; The bird is adorable. It looks like a young house wren to me. They are great in getting rid of termites. Have a lovely weekend my friend. ~Hugs~


  4. Hi Liz, wish I knew what bird it was for you.. He is so little! Boy I can never do anything with Preston here. He’ll let me sit in my chair and that’s about it. I can’t even crochet either. lol.. He wants my full attention. So know how you feel. Love and ~hugs~


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