A day of crochet

I took all day today and wrote down the pattern for the “Liz-a-Witch” Halloween Crochet Doll.  You will find it here.  I did absolutely nothing else save that pattern.

I hope that I don’t have any type-o’s or errors with the pattern.  If I do, please, let me know.  I remade some of the parts to the doll just so I wouldn’t have to rely on my memory.

crochet sockI also started a pair of crocheted socks.  Usually, crochet socks are really ugly and too thick to wear with shoes. Usually, crochet socks are only good for house slippers.  I have knitted socks for Tom, Brian and Nicky and have yet to make myself a pair.  Crocheting is faster for me to do so when I saw this pattern I just had to try it.  I would have loved to purchase the yarn that the pattern called for, but it was $21.00 a skein.  I will have to wait on purchasing such costly yarn.  But, oh.  It was so pretty.  I am using some sock yarn that I already had.  This pair will be more or less a trial run until I can purchase that nice yarn that I saw for-ahem-$21.00.  It starts with the top (toe-up-socks) and it is soft and acts like a knitted sock.

4 thoughts on “A day of crochet

  1. Hi Liz, oh my that is expensive yarn. Even if I had the money not sure I would spend that much on yarn. Course I would love to see a really nice craft store around here. There have been two, but neither did well. I guess just not enough crafter’s or hand crafter’s around here. Thanks for the directions on the witch! My printer’s messed up for some reason, but I have it saved. Love and ~hugs~


  2. Hi Liz, I am back home now. Hubby came to pick me up yesterday, and we got home about 7 or a bit after. I thought I would do so much when I got home, but ended up throwing my dirty clothes in the washer and taking a bath and going to bed at 9!! Sleeping on the couch was not easy, so I barely got any sleep while at my sister’s. So happy to be back in my own bed! Liz-a-witch is just terrific!! I am going to copy down the pattern and give her a try. Happy Thursday, enjoy! Hugs my friend!


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