A good grief


At seven this morning I decided to make cupcakes.  I knew that Brian was looking forward to Halloween cupcakes and since I had nothing better to do, I got busy.  Three hours later I was just starting to clean up my mess.  I had one heck of a time with the black icing color.  First, I made a chocolate butter cream frosting, since it would be easier to color black then the white frosting, I kept adding black and it still wasn’t black, it was a gray.  I finally used the whole container of black food coloring paste.  Tada!  Black!  At last! 

Of course, I had to taste it.  Then I thought, “I wonder if this stains teeth?”  I looked in the mirror and there it was, black teeth and a black tongue.   Oh, this is great.  Brian will be walking around with black teeth. 

Then I made a butter cream frosting for the orange.  I opened my orange icing coloring paste. What do you know?  It was all dried up.  Remembering my first grade art class, I knew that red and yellow make orange.  I have those colors!  I got out my palette knife and starting mixing the two until I got the Halloween orange. 

After all the fuss with the frostings, I was loosing interest in the whole cupcake project.  Nevertheless, here they are.  And, they are good enough for my house, I say.  But, Brian loved them and ate three when he got home from school.  When he gave me a black tinted, toothy grin to tell me how much he liked them, the cupcake project was worth it overall. Now, go brush your teeth. 

 I just hope Brian doesn’t ask me to make them for school. 

4 thoughts on “A good grief

  1. Hi Liz, how funny black teeth. I am not having to bake goodies yet, but it’s coming. I’m not sure what I’ll entice the boy with, maybe rice krispie treats. They are sure easy. lol.. The cupcakes look really good to me. I know I would love them too. Love and ~hugs~


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