Pumpkin Head

pumpkin_head I took this picture the other morning of my kitchen table.  It is a holder for a tea light or a votive candle.  I have so little to say that only pictures can fill my blog pages.  Besides, I do love Halloween and all the decorations and decorating associated with that day.  I must confess that I do like the colors orange, green, purple and black grouped together and Halloween gives me an excuse to display those colors which ordinarily would be a ”What in the hell were you thinking when you picked those colors to decorate every room in the house?”  interrogation moment.   

5 thoughts on “Pumpkin Head

  1. Hi Liz, well I love pictures and probably should take more myself. I love all those colors together too. I just don’t have any Halloween decorations and very few fall. I just don’t have the energy to put things out and the up every year. I do love seeing and enjoying the decorations that other’s do though. Your table is very lovely! Love you! ~hugs~


  2. Hi Liz, I love your Pumpkin votive holder! I love Fall and decorating. I had tons more Halloween decorations when the kids were smaller, most of mine are Fall now, except for pumpkins! Your cupcakes look amazin! Put the coffee on!! Hugs!


  3. Hi Liz: I love that Pumpkin votive holder. I have tons of Fall stuff, but not much for Halloween. I guess that’s because my kids are grown and my grands are in NYS. I hope today is lovely for you. HUGS.


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