Heeey! Haut daugs he-yah!

We had a near New England supper this evening of beans and hot dogs. I remember as a child living in New England, every Saturday was homemade baked beans, hot dogs (a “snapper”, made locally) and brown bread. Early Saturday morning either my father or mother would have a pot of beans slowly baking in the oven. Then if you went to someone else’s house on that day chances were that, they had a pot of beans in their oven baking. It was familiarity. I miss that feeling of familiarity. I have that pot that my parents cooked their beans in, but it is chipped and cracked and unusable. I now use it as a decoration in my kitchen to remind me of those rare Saturday evenings when I felt at ease.

I told Tom that I wished I had some Boston brown bread. He told me to make some. That is a good idea; I wish I had prepared for it earlier in the week. I would have saved some cans so that I could have made it. I don’t have any other vessel here that I could have used. This type of bread is steamed in cans. And no, I don’t like my brown bread with raisins.

Then that gave me the idea to make Indian pudding. I love Indian pudding and used to make it all the time back home and when Carrie lived here. She and I were the only ones that like it here in this house. I like it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream when the pudding is warm. It has a unique taste so I can see why most wouldn’t like it. I never did get to any real cooking today. I just thought about doing it. Which, I am guessing, is not the same.

Eh! Just go open a can of B & M’s and the package of Nathans (don’t ask what’s in them) and don’t look for a New England Style Hot Dog Roll here, all we have are the side loading buns. That is as close as we are going to get to a New England style, Saturday supper of beans and hot dogs.

Geesh! Just, go and eat!

3 thoughts on “Heeey! Haut daugs he-yah!

  1. lol. I just finished, I’m so full I couldn’t put another bit in. lol….. All that food is not known to me. I would love to visit and have you fix all these wonderful recipes for me to taste. I am sure that I would love them all! Love and ~hugs~


  2. Hi Liz: I have my Grandmothers Baked Bean Recipe. She came from Vermont. I still make it 2 or 3 times a winter. I love Brown Bread, too. I make it in cans, also. Same as a make plum pudding in cans. My beans have molasses, salt pork, onions and beans. They are SOOOOO good. They bake about 8-10 hours.

    Have a great day. HUGS


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