In betwix a nap

Who says “betwix” anymore? I don’t know anyone that does.

I am watching Nicky today. While he is taking his nap I thought I would post before it gets to hectic here. Brian is due home from school anytime. After his snack, that is when the homework begins and I start supper. I really wish that I could take a nice nap.

I am working on some crocheted slippers for Nicky. I made the first one and it came out too big. I think I am going to use a smaller hook and try again. I am also finishing up a crocheted doll that I have been working on. I added the hair this morning and now I have to sew the legs and arms to the body, do the face and it will be finished. I hate having too many WIPs (work in progress). I have a tendency to get bored with things easily and not finish what I started.


As much as I enjoy the win, being a Bosox fan, I am so happy that it is finally over.

4 thoughts on “In betwix a nap

  1. Hi Liz;

    I can’t count how many times I’ve said “betwix and between”. LOL! Hope to see a photo of your crochet doll when it’s finished.

    Even though I’m a Yankee fan, I’m glad your Red Socks won the series. They deserved as they were great all year. Just don’t let anyone in my family know I said that!! LOLOLOL!!

    Have a great day my friend. ~Hugs~


  2. I’ve used betwix and between once in a while. *smiles* I too am glad the series is over. I watch the football game between Greenbay and Denver tonight and it was a good one. I’m not a Bret Farve fan, but his wife’s battle and win over breast cancer is a great story. I have read “Tuesday’s with Morrie” and loved it. I have not seen the movie, but would like to one day. I know what you mean about having to many wip’s as I tend to do that too when I have to many. Love and ~hugs~


  3. Dear Liz
    I am so sorry I don’t have written any comments for so long, but I have been visiting and reading.
    I just struggle hard to find words, both in my own blog and in commet boxes.
    The words are in my head but never come out the right way.
    Thinking a lot of you and you impress me with all you are doing with cooking and crocheting.
    I am just working with my studens and watching TV…
    Lot of hugs


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