Escaping the day

Today wasn’t a very good day for me. I was really depressed and took a five hour nap to escape the torment I was feeling. Brian was at school, Tom was at work and Nicky wasn’t here. Carrie had today off from work. I felt guilty, but just couldn’t help it. I got up when I heard them come through the door.

That is it. That was my day. I couldn’t even pick up a hook to crochet or even care about cooking. Now, I dread tomorrow. I hope, upon hope that I don’t feel this way again too soon.

5 thoughts on “Escaping the day

  1. Why feel guilty? You are working so much every day with the house, cooking, the children and handcrafts. It is not a shame to feel depressed, emty and tired for a day.
    I hope you get a good rest and that your week will be good.

    Lots of hugs


  2. Hi Liz: I hope you feel better today. We’re getting a backlash from Noel tomorrow and they expect Downeast will lose power. Drat!
    Have a much better day. II have a cute Maine thinger on my blog.HUGS


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