Boring vs something to write about

Umm! “I’ll take boring for a hundred dollars, Alex.” And how would you categorize and tag a post like this.

After having a drab few days, last night, or should I say in the wee hours of the morning, there was some action in my hood. I was sitting in my chair watching some TV about 2 am, before the time change, when I heard a gunshot outside the house. I bolted from my chair and awoken Tom. I was so shaken that I could hardly speak. Tom got up and asked me if I were sure that it was just a car back firing. I said no, I could tell the difference. We peered through our blinds and saw nothing. Tom sat up with me for about 15 minutes and went back to bed.

I wasn’t comfortable going to bed. As I sat in my chair my cat Shadow, who just about 20 minutes ago was sitting on my lap and when he heard the shot he bolted from my lap to go and hide. Shadow returned to my lap and about 5 minutes later, he and I heard a rustling in front of my house. Again, he bolted. I muted the TV and listened. Then all of a sudden, five continuous shots were fired. I yelled for Tom and Tom yelled out, “I heard it!” Springing from the bed, he dialed 911 to tell them.

About 2 minutes later four cruisers we at one of the apartments across from our house pounding on the door yelling, “Police, open the door!” This went on for about 10 minutes. We could hear everything perfectly. They then stated that they were going to break the door down if he didn’t comply. The person inside of the house wouldn’t respond to their commands. From what Tom gathered while talking to a couple of the neighbors, this guy is 19 years old and lives with his mother. He was caught running across the roofs of the apartments that he lives in late one night. He has continuous loud and unruly parties that we ignored as just being young and stupid. Tom and I were young and stupid when we were 19. But, gunshots fired near our house are something no one will tolerate. From what we understood from his neighbor, he is a bad seed.

His mother wasn’t home at the time and someone called her to tell her to get home before the cops busted down their door. She arrived and let the cops in. You could hear the cops commanding him to come out-NOW!-with his hands up. His mother pleaded for him to just come out. Finally they had him handcuffed and was questioning him outside. His mother was screaming at the cops to leave him alone, that he has already answered their questions. They police hauled the guy off and searched the apartment. I don’t know if he was the one that fired the shots or not. But, we were not the only ones who called 911. Luckily Brian slept through it all.

Now, I am quite hesitant to stand out side with Brian in the early morning waiting for him to catch his bus for fear that this “nut job” will do something. That is the time that it is just Brian and I. Tom is at work at this time. Brian and I are the only ones standing out there in the dark.

6 thoughts on “Boring vs something to write about

  1. Hi Liz! That is terrifying to have that going on right there where you live. I too would be afraid to wait for the bus in the dark. Like you said…thank goodness Brian slept through it. I pray you are all safe and sound. ((BIG HUGS))


  2. Hi Liz, oh my goodness! I am praying that this guy stays in jail! I would have been petrifie hearing gun shots like that! Thank goodness you were all safe! PTL Have a wonderful and safe start to your week. Keeping you all in prayer for safety. Hugs!


  3. Hi Liz, we may need some excitment in our lives, but of that kind is not what we want. I hope that they will not let the guy out again or to soon. My prayers are with you. Sorry I haven’t been by, I am sick with a cold and a feeling a bit better tonight. Just worn out, listless and sore from all the coughing, I think I could tolerate a cold well enough if I didn’t cough. It hurts to cough and I feel like I am choking. I am praying for you sis as I understand those feelings of depression. I am fighting it too. Love and ~hugs~


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