Rode hard and put away wet

[rockyou id=90398317&w=426&h=319]

Brian and Shadow

Another Grammy moment? Puh-leeze!

Not much happening around here. I watched Nicky for the last two days and I am physically and emotionally tired. I literally fell asleep here while on the computer a little while ago. Has anyone ever done that?

Tom and Brian are watching “Ratatouille” and I really should be napping only it is 8:46 pm and too late for a nap. Maybe, I will call it an early night.

2 thoughts on “Rode hard and put away wet

  1. Hi Liz, Thanks for stopping by and thinking of me. Love the posts and enjoyed catching up. I hate missing so much, but just am so yucky feeling. This sinus problem is a royal pain and my nose is so tender and sore right now. I suppose it will take a good cold snap to kill off the things that are keeping my allergies up. I just get so sick of it lingering and thinking I’m better only to feel like you know what again a short time later. Sure will be glad when it’s gone. Love and ~hugs~


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