Trying to hang on

Thanksgiving was ok. It was just Tom, Brian, Nicky and me celebrating getting through the day. Nicky was a handful when trying to cook and doing all the things one needs to do to make it a day of tradition. I was and am glad it is over. Now, I just need to get to and through Christmas. I am dreading the anticipation of the approaching holiday.

The other night I wanted to post and make visits and because I have and sometimes use Windows Live Writer to write my posts, I accidentally deleted about ten of my posts. What is baffling is that they deleted here on WordPress also. That has never happened to me before and I am guessing that I didn’t pay attention because my mind was in stress with my everyday trials and tribulations. I was so angry by my stupidity when I deleted those posts that I just shut the pc off and stayed away from it until last night when I opened my email.

Well, I made an attempt at a post. Nothing ever changes and it seems that happiness just eludes me. Prozac isn’t sounding so bad after all. I never did like roller coasters.

8 thoughts on “Trying to hang on

  1. Hi Liz, I’ve done that too, and it’s got to be when I’ve written a long post. I get so frustrated I end up writing two words instead. I downloaded Windows life writer and then I thought it wasn’t for wordpress so I uninstalled it. I’m going to download it again and give it a try. I miss the pictures of all the great goodies you make, I guess you’re not in the mood after all the cooking for Thanksgiving. I am not anxious for the Christmas holidays either, I wish I could hibernate for a couple of weeks, lol.


  2. Hi hon,

    I know how frustrated you are about losing those posts. We bloggers sometimes put a lot of effort into our posts and when they are gone forever, it makes you want to scream. Thinking of you…


  3. Hi Liz, I’ve never heard of the Live writer, I’m sorry you lost your posts, that happened to me before too, I lost about 5 or so, for another reason. I’m sorry thanksgiving wasn’t everything you had hoped it would be. Mine was like that too, although I did not write that in my blog. It’s always something, but that is just the way family is or can be I guess so I’m trying to roll with it. I get to stressed out about things as it is. I took the prozac before and my heart raced the whole time I was on it, so I stopped taking it, now I am just taking something to help me sleep, and my other meds I need but I’m not taking any more, they all make my heart do that. I am anti feeling better kind of gal I guess LOL! not really just a little silly nothing to say something stupid or whatever cause that is the way I am kind of gal. I am back to blogging, I could not stay away. I had been feeling down so it was good to get off this computer for awhile. big hugs sweetie


  4. Hi Liz, I tried to visit the other night too, but the internet was either a problem or my computer, either way I could load any pages or get any email. I was upset as it seems to happen a lot. I know what you mean about getting through Thanksgiving. It was just JD and I and I fixed steaks, not very traditional at all. But my kids never seem to be able to come out here, or at least Cliff. So I just didn’t care. We went to Kingfisher saturday for a meal, Two brother’s and JD’s sister were there. We took Preston, but neither of my kids came. If it weren’t for Preston I would of rather stayed home. The holiday’s are just another day for me anymore. To broke to buy any gifts, but I did manage to get each grandchild something thanks to the kindness of a dear friend. I’m not looking forward to the family Christmas at all. I finished this heart pattern shawl and posted a picture. I think that is going to be my gift in the family game exchange. Don’t know what JD will do. As for what I’ll draw it will probably be something I don’t like or need as usual. I guess you can tell how excited I am about it all. lol.. I think I need to change to Prozac, for this Zoloft isn’t doing anything for me anymore. Life is just to depressing right now. Love and ~hugs~


  5. Hi, Liz! Congrats on all the cooking. I know it must be hard with a little one underfoot. Of course, we had Alexander, but there were plenty of laps on hand.

    I’ve never really learned to use a web writer – if that’s the proper name. I know some people swear by them. I do know if you can lose it, I’ve done it! It’s still really frustrating, though.

    I’m playing hooky for two days with my bad foot but feeling a bit guilty nonetheless. Both my SILs said it was a ligament thing.

    Hope you’re having a cozy evening in the cold weather, which I guess you’re having just like us!

    Hugs, Julia


  6. Hi Liz,

    I’m not familiar with Windows Live Writer so I don’t know what could have gone wrong. I would have been so frustrated too!

    I’m sorry that you’re feeling down. I know that Prozac has helped some people. Roller coasters like that are no fun at all!



  7. Happy Monday dear Liz;

    I’m finally back online as my family are all snug in their own beds in their own homes. I had such a wonderful week with them. But I did miss getting online and visiting all of you. I spent every moment with them that I could for who knows when I’ll see them again.

    I’m not really looking forward to the Christmas holiday either as I’ll be alone this year and being without a car, I can’t make any visits. But then as I sit and think of others worse off than I am, I realize I’m one of the blessed ones.

    Feel better soon my friend and concentrate on your blessings. ~Hugs~


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