Oh, my aching everything

They say one has to do what one has to do.

Tom and I replaced some trim around two of our front windows on our house this morning. I hurt my back going up and down the ladder with nailing the trim, caulking and painting. At one point we had to use a hand saw for some siding and now my shoulder and arm is aching along with my back and legs. I am no stranger to tools and carpentry. I learned a lot from my mother who learned from her father. Anytime something needed fixing or replacing around the house, my mother was the one to do it. But, let me tell you. Today was just a reminder of how much older I am getting. 😯

Sunday we are going to replace the trim around the garage door.

Tom’s disability prohibits him from doing more. He gets frustrated because he also can’t do what he did before his injury and surgery. It would be nice if we could hire people to do some of this work around here. But, (here is something rarely heard coming from my mouth) I am going to try to keep a positive attitude and just jump into doing the things that need to be done. No ifs, ands or buts.

6 thoughts on “Oh, my aching everything

  1. Hi Liz, Wow you good at fixing stuff, I wish I was. Sorry about the aches, but it’s an ache for a good reason, lol. We all have to remind ourselves to be positive, not always an easy thing to do, it’s good for health and longevity. *hugs*


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